Wow Tapes: Philippines

Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, breathtaking paradise landscapes, all make the Philippines simply unforgettable.
Incredibly deep culture and traditions, amazing food, and the warmest people you’ll ever meet, are the reasons you’re gonna want to come back.
Strolling around Manila or Cebu city, living in some remote North Luzon villages, travelling across Leyte and Samar, was as intense as laying on some secluded heavenly beach in Palawan, as chasing waterfalls in Mindanao, as climbing volcanoes in Mindoro and Albay.
Leaving has never been so tough.

A film by Fabio Reitano

Fabio Reitano
Filippo Golin

Fabio Reitano
Filippo Golin
Giuseppe Lombardi –

Fabio Reitano

Grading & post
Filippo Golin

Stepdad – Treasure Hugs (Re-edit) –

Sound Design
Gianluca Agostini

Additional Footage
Kevin Frimout

Shot with a couple of canons, some samyang lenses, a gopro, and smartphones.

For licensing or informations:

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