Collection “Slavyanka”
Matryoshka and other ethnic symbols have become inspired characters of fashion collection. What is the secret of Russian matryoshka? Why does it so attractive and directly associated with Russian beauty? Maybe secret of the sacrament of several shells or path disclosure woman from the outer (external) to the hidden (internal). Foreigners always striking beauty and incomprehensible nature of the Slavic women, because they are certainly special, and this collection dedicated to them. Basis of the designing collection consists of national characters, recognizable symbols and ornaments, elegantly prescribed artistic images of cities and characteristic for our history stylized objects. Symbol of the collection “Slavyanka” is wooden figure of horse.

Art Director: Ante Kovac Anna Seryogina
DirectorDOP: Alexey Pan`ko
Model: Anastasia Yazykova, Valentina Ivanova
Hair Stylist: Svetlana Komarova
Make Up Artist: Azalia Limanova
Gaffer: Igor O`lar
Lighter: Anzor Jegmurazov
Assistants: Maria Bessonova, Alexey Bubnov
Music: A Bright Future DreamnoteMusic

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